What Are Ghosts?

Let's just list all the possibilities popularly mentioned:

Ghosts are the spirits (souls) of the dead.

Ghosts are other dimensional beings.

Ghosts are recorded events from the past.

Ghosts are time jumps by those in the living world.

Ghosts are psychic projections by the living.

Ghosts are an issue with human psychology/senses.

Ghosts are angels and noncorporeal beings who were never in human form.

Ghosts are misinterpretations of explainable occurrences.

Ghosts are life forms from our own world that we don't have proper senses to detect except in the right conditions.

Ghosts are alien beings.

So, where do you stand?


    However, no matter what they are, I am safe under my COVERS!


    I really think that if the spirit (of a person) is strong enough it can imprint itself.
    Kind of like an endless LOOP of replay.

    But, then, I think about stuff flying across the kitchen of my childhood home.. and almost responses to our daily activities...
    And then ammend my thought.

    The stronger the Spirit...... the stronger the activity of the ghost.....
    From continual Loop of replay..... to..... Live Feed.

    Make sense?

  2. You know, when I first entered the "industry" of ghost hunting, depending on the day of the week, I'd answer this differently. I could not seem to come to a conclusion. What I know at this point? Phenomena DEFINITELY happens. What and how? Still the great mystery that keeps me seeking and looking for ways to perform experiments that might narrow the possibilities.

  3. I really have no idea, but I would agree with what you said above... Something is happening.

  4. I'm conflicted between "recordec events" and "souls/spirits of the dead". Both seem reasonable.

  5. I have no idea but I used to be a skeptic.
    I think there are too many occurrences to dismiss...

  6. Yup. There's something going on and for a woman who is VERY skeptical about most things, I can't deny what I have witnessed. I cannot however commit to WHAT it is, just that it happens.


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