Those Questions We Most Want Answered

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Come on, if we had some omnipotent being at our beck and call, wouldn't we have a thousand questions we've waited to hear the REAL answer to? Here are some of the most asked ones people want to know the answer to. What are yours?

Is there a God?

Who made God?

Is Heaven a location? Where?

If someone dies at 99, does he look 99 in Heaven?

Is there an afterlife?

Are there souls all around us living people, watching us shower and have sex?

Is there life on other planets?

Are there other dimensions?

If I'm married to someone in life, am I stuck with them in the afterlife?

Are there pets in Heaven?

How did the universe begin?

How big is the universe? Does it end? And if it does-what's there? A wall?

Why did God design us?

Do aliens visit the Earth?

If I got one question, I'd have to be very detailed and specific:

"Does my consciousness and awareness of myself as a person and all my experiences in this physical existence translate into another form after the physical death of my body so that I am able to live in a death-less existence and still be conscious of what I was in this present world?" (Oh, come on, you know when people make genie wishes, they also get screwed for not being specific enough!)


  1. Ok. Fine. Wish granted for you:

    Yes there is a God. She has many different names, and She answers to them all.

    She designed us because in The End there will be a battle between good and evil. To win, God needs to know Her opponent but because She is all-good there was no way she could experience negativity. That's why She created us. We're like her nerve endings. We incarnate here to experience negativity and other raw emotion to feed back to the "mothership" so to speak. She learns through us how to overcome negativity.

    And Yes Virgina, there are puppies in Heaven.


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