Monday, December 26, 2011

Scary Real Estate

Here's just some creepy real estate. I never have wanted to live in a normal home. I grew up in a Civil War Hospital! I dream of the day when I can buy something not intended to be a home, something with a strange or dark past. Here's just some cool ones to consider if you're of the same odd bend....

A funeral parlor?

This sale includes two parcels. One is vacant and is used for parking buy zoned residential and is approximately 1362 Sq. Ft. and the other is 2,748 Sq. Ft. with a building on it that is approximately 5,552 Sq. Ft. The larger parcel is zoned C2A. Shown by appointment with the listing agent. Proof of ability to purchase required to showing. HUGE PRICE REDUCTION! SUBMIT AN OFFER! Also in Commercial. $799,000."

A Hospital?

Want a church for $45,000 in Pennsylvania?

Looking for a funeral home in DC?

Scary home?

An abandoned fort?

Ft. Carroll in the Baltimore area was built in the mid 1800s. It was left abandoned where wildlife took over and urban explorers.

An abandoned seminary?

Don't you see a lot of potential in this DC area National Park Seminary? According to WebUrbanist (I LOVE THAT SITE), The first buildings on the campus were built in the late 1880s, starting and an inn and followed by bars and gambling. More structures were added as the site became a finishing school for girls before the complex was converted to a military hospital during WWII. Though they are currently still abandoned as shown in the photographs above, developers plan to turn these unique buildings into housing units in the near future.

While your mind is on this tour, consider an abandoned amusement park, cemetery, or schoolhouse. If you can imagine converting it, it's out there for sale....


  1. I would love to see and photograph these places....very cool.

  2. I love these photos. It reminds me of old farm houses at night. Out on farm lands where there is no street lights. Very eerrie. It reminds me of this old military base that I was walking around in looking at the old buildings. I almost walked into a big pit. It still scares me to think about it today. Yes, spooky is challenging. I guess that's why we find it exhilarating.

  3. Matt-O-Lantern (love that name!) It is exhilarating. There's an energy left by a place that was once filled with humans and is now emptied, nature taking it over and reclaiming it--very spooky, very mysterious, and kind of sad.