Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paranormal Romance Novels

I used to write romance novels. I never got any published, but the problem with my writing was that I was very fixated on mood and atmosphere and dark and unusual characters. My editor said, "you should write horror," and so I made the transition. And then, years later, paranormal romance became a burgeoning category. I am working on some paranormal romances, but working to get my nonfiction out first. I am not without a lot of reading in the genre and I'm very finicky about what I like.

Here are my two favorite authors that I liked so much, I kept them after the divorce (the other 100 romance novels I had to keep me warm at night, I donated to some other poor woman who needed to believe there were passionate men out there).

Karen Marie Moning

"To Tame a Highland Warrior" is just one of a series of Highlander ones she did that are unbelievably raw, sexy, strong, mysterious, and so gratifying that, like mine, you will wear them down until the covers are barely hinged in place any longer.... As an adolescent, a young man runs away and is taken in by a kind clan leader who trains him to be a man, but the laird has a beautiful daughter who tags along this older teen and adores him from afar. He realizes he might have a family madness within him and leaves, vowing to never corrupt her with his family history of violence. What he doesn't know is the secret within - that he is a very special breed. Fate brings them back together and, well, he does not make it easy for her. I don't just give this book double thumbs up, I give it double yums up! There are many highlander ones in this series and all very awesomely sexy, but this is a very good one to start with.

Teresa Medeiros

"After Midnight" and "The Vampire Who Loved Me" are two books that aren't just "vampire" stories, but are about good and evil, family and bonds. They are ridiculously sexy, wickedly sensual, and take you to another world. I love these books because I can jump right back into the scenes in my head when I re-read them. I like these ones on a chilly night with some hot Earl Grey and a warm blanket.

I suggest these be the two you start out with. They are unbelievably high quality writing, sexy, virile, yummy, dark, and exciting. Then, move on to some of the new up and coming paranormal romance writers depending on what subject matter you love. Do expect that by the end of 2012, I should be releasing one of my own and being a writer of erotica and horror, expect it to keep you hot during the next Christmas snows.


  1. Are you saying that passionate men are paranormal?

  2. Well, by sales of paranormal romances, I'd say that passionate paranormal men are the rage.

  3. paranormal romances are better than ever. Perhaps waaay too many. But to write horror..that alone is a wonderful gift.