Thursday, December 8, 2011

North Pole Inner Earth Expedition

I loved this movie (above) "Journey to the Center of the Earth." Since I grew up digging up archaeological finds and wanted to be an Egyptologist, this movie satisfied the khaki-wearing, dirt digging, explorer within.

Did you know a voyage such as this is planned? The NPIEE project (North Pole Inner Earth Expedition) is chugging forward with plans to find a world within our world.

Looking over the itinerary, one gets a sense of the scope of this project which will require them to gather up more than 6 million dollars to perform. It will mean a team, equipment, helicopter, ice-breaking ship leaving from Moscow to the North Pole. They will be studying ice cores and using underwater cameras and performing tests.

Ultimately, it will also involve a human consciousness experiment to communicate with potential inner earth beings. The tag-along crew to do the documentaries is the aspect that excites me. Not that they're going to find a hollow earth and another civilization, but that they will be filming this, listening to the team sitting around the tables on the icy voyage discussing the possibilities of contact with aliens on our own planet. I am stoked and I hope they actually earn the cash. If you're interested in contributing, check out this site.

Still curious about the Hollow Earth? Try this site-it's awesome!

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  1. Man! I loved Journey to the Center of the earth when I was a kid, and still do. Definately one of favorites.