Neanderthal and Me!

Did you know that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons interbred? The conclusion has been that Neanderthals were not a different arm of man, but were just another race of man. Europeans are the result of interbreeding and that delightful and special red-haired gene--

It's believed that early 1900s scientists interpreting the fossils of Neanderthal had a very biased and prejudiced interpretation of this version of man, seeing him as ape-like and brutish and a completely different divergence of man. Their stocky bodies were perfect for the cold climate in which they inhabited. It is estimated that 1-4% of modern European and Asian DNA is of Neanderthal origin. Pale skin and red hair might very well be a reminder.

Remains found in Gibraltar of a late version of Neanderthal shows the child to look like this -

(the new revised version of what Neanderthal looked like)

(Obviously, one of his descendants--Techno-viking)


  1. techno viking! that's my step dad.

  2. Shawn; I admit that Techno Viking is my greatest crush ever! Man, that guy could move!

  3. He's really kinda hot...though I can't imagine he'd be an enlightening date in a cerebral sense. :-)

  4. Lewis--you must look up his video on YouTube for Techno Viking. Once you see him move, it wouldn't matter if he can speak his own native language.

  5. that is what i look like, if i looked like that guy... the real thing is look at the hot lady at top of this post... you are so dreamy, chicky!
    happy holidays...
    your good friend,

    ps. does chicky sound rude... i can use lady.

  6. Thank goodness for that red head gene. lol.

  7. Jeremy, you are allowed chicky. I always say, I answer to anything, even shit-head.
    Kat, isn't he delish? I'm thinking I need to make a trip to Germany....

  8. Anyone who doubts there are different species of humans need only go to the nearest shopping mall.

  9. Sharon,

    Your blog is great. I've even seen your books on Amazon. That's hot, the fact you're an author I mean. I'll do freaky sh*t to you that you will write volumes about.

    I'm also down with all that f*cked up caveman routine - I pull hair with the best of 'em. I'm a flawless roll player who can authentically play any part, except that of a b*tch, which I refuse to do. I'm all man.

    Come to Vegas and I'll show you some of the finest casinos in town, like the Orleans. We can bowl or ghost hunt or watch Finding Bigfoot do whatever. I get a huge discount on the rooms.

    Sorry if I'm too forward. You've just got me thinking crazy.


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