My Favorite Shows

Restaurant Impossible (Food Channel)

I love makeover-style shows. In fact, I wish there was a show where someone fat and neglected and feeling a lack of confidence takes control of their work, personal and physical lives and has a dramatic makeover and takes life by the balls and unsettles those who didn't believe in them. In Restaurant Impossible, I really enjoy seeing a restaurant getting a complete makeover from menu to decorating and reopening to happy customers. It makes me happy to see someone take something and make something better out of it. It also makes you realize why a helluva lot of restaurants go under.

Big Bang Theory (CBS)

This is just fun. I LOVE nerds! I love quick wit and dialogue and quirky people. This show is just everything I adore!

Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet)

I know it's not "real" research and it's all edited to hell to fit the time period, but I love going in the woods with this adorable gang and their cranky sourpuss leader. I like to see them in the dark, listening intently, interviewing locals, and just pondering the mystery of Bigfoot. I find myself as compelled by the personalities as by the purpose of their voyage. And, admittedly Cliff is so cute, I just want to pinch his rosy cheeks and he runs an awesome blog.

Destination Truth (Syfy)

Josh Gates, in khaki's, traveling to insane places, spending the night, and yucking it up with the locals and his team--need I say more? Fun! Fun! Fun!

Two and a Half Men (CBS)

I liked the show before, but after a few seasons, I got real sick of the same routine over and over again. I didn't like Charlie Sheen's character being single and sleeping around and getting drunk all the time, nor did I like him in a relationship. It was just so one-dimensional. In comes Ashton and I suddenly love the show again. I love the dynamics of the precariousness of Alan's relationship with Walden. The only thing that would make this totally rock is if Alan gave up his job and worked for Walden as his personal assistant and used that to try and be popular with the gals.

The Biggest Loser (NBC)

I'm compelled to see people face their worst issues. You think their weight is their worst issue, but it's really what's going on inside their heads. To see these people do things they never imagined doing and living up to their potential and then coming out of it so changed, you can't help but be moved. And, damn, I have to admit, they all look amazing thin. It rather confirms the way seeing bone structure and muscles really shows the beauty beneath the skin.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Take "Jericho" and "Dawn of the Dead" and you have the most awesome zombie show that could ever be created. I just adore this show and that it's willing to go graphic and rough and even kill off the good guys. They ended the last season, killing off a child. You just don't know what it'll do, but you have to find out what's next. The very best drama show I have EVER seen.


  1. I think that a really cool idea for a horror-themed show would be show about Hollywood-style slashers, but from the perspective of the killers themselves. It could be either a "mockumentery" or a traditional drama format. These would be theatrical slashers with supernatural powers, like Freddy Krueger, not average serial kilers, like "Dexter". It would be neat to see the villians portrayed as heroes, and their victims shown as weak-willed bad guys.

  2. HN--I like where you're going with that!

  3. I totally agree with all of them. Looking forward to the new seasons of Finding Bigfoot and Destination Truth.

  4. I would add Ghost Adventures --- those guys are the 3 stooges of the paranormal

  5. I love all these shows too. Not a big fan of 2 1/2 men since Charlie left. I gave it a chance, but it has lost its chemistry for me.

    I watched Restaurant impossible marathon yesterday! Maybe we were watching the same show at the same time. Like two people wishing on the same star.

  6. Guy, I suspect that if we were wishing on the same star, it'd be "Finding Bigfoot" show.


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