Monday, December 12, 2011

Most Ridiculous Paranormal Shows Ever

Earlier today, I did a post on the best paranormal shows ever. I thought I'd have fun with the worst--

Ghost Adventures: Three guys get locked down for the night to taunt the walls of haunted locations, scream like pussies, and "become possessed." It's so bad that I have a drinking game on Fridays based on it. I take it for what it is -- hilariously ridiculous. If you take it seriously, it's truly a train wreck.

Haunted Collector: A reported paranormal investigator goes into places, takes items he thinks are haunted (without using a psychometrist) and conveniently totes them home to his "scary museum." You know where this is going: I have heard this dude (I refuse to name) is doing a show based on his haunted museum--no wonder, huh? His show is the smartest and dumbest thing Syfy Channel ever did--Smartest because they canceled it and dumbest because they put it on the docket for one season.

Most Haunted: Imagine taking a film crew with a bunch of twitchy nervous people and an overly dramatic psychic into some of the most respected and historic sites in the UK, where they proceed to film the group huddled in the dark, jumping at every sound and depending on the psychic to bring in the mood and atmosphere by talking to the dead.

Extreme Paranormal: Basically Ghost Adventures on crack.

There will be another post in a while about the paranormal shows that didn't live up to their promise.

I can't believe I completely forgot "Paranoid State" (Paranormal State) which is perhaps one of the most godawful nonsense ever. That's how forgettable it was!


  1. Extreme Paranormal........Hmmmmmmm........... Might need a good laugh later.

  2. Wow that was like the Ghosts of Christmas Past heehee

  3. HA! Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live sketch on Most Haunted? To this day, one of the best ever...

  4. Mrs. C--yeah, the one with the Derek the psychic farting? It was priceless!

  5. you forgot Paranormal State, essentially Ghost Adventures with college kids