Monday, December 12, 2011

Most Notable Paranormal Shows Ever

I have really ripped apart most of the paranormal shows on TV and that's simply because of the killer of all shows--apathy. You have to keep it new, keep it interesting, keep it intelligent, and put people in the situations that we enjoy hearing their take on what's up. Here's my top 5 favorite paranormal shows ever--

"In Search Of" narrated by Leonard Nimoy in 1976-1982. This show was groundbreaking, bringing a neat documentary format to TV with great music and Nimoy's haunting narration.

"Monsterquest" 2007-2010. This was the sexed up version of In Search Of and I really loved this show. The storytelling was great, the seeking-it-with-science point of view, and the total bitchin' graphics when they recreated the monsters using CGI.

"UFO Hunters" 2008-2010. Everything was a conspiracy and a UFO to Bill, but he made a quirky leader of this team made up of a skeptic, a semi-skeptic and a believer. They got access to awesome info and it wasn't the light and fluffy Fact or Faked type of investigations--they really dug in. For someone who was never really into UFOs, I got hooked and now UFOs are another field of paranormal that has my interest.

"Finding Bigfoot" 2011-present on Animal Planet Channel. Hell, I love this show. I know there's a lot of haters out there, but you have to remember that any time you put investigations on TV, they are not longer scientific studies, they are entertainment. I really love the team of four very different people with different attitudes and they are lovable, well except maybe Matt, but every team needs a frowning curmudgeon. I love hearing the interviews with witnesses, the locations, going into the woods at night with a FLIR and waiting and listening. I really really really want the show to do a week of camping and staying in the woods so I can enjoy what it's like for them to have to sleep with one ear open and check their periphery for clues each morning.

"Destination Truth" 2007-present on Syfy Channel. Just plain fun. Who else but Josh-baby can land himself in Chernobyl and Antarctica. Soon, he's going to have to take a rocket to space and film UFOs from afar or something because he's running out of badass places on our planet.

Later today--I'm listing the worst paranormal shows ever.


  1. I know the guys of Travel's Ghost Adventures are damning you right now.


    I dig these shows, because they tell me that I am not alone in my weirdness...

  2. That would be in a hilarious latter post about "most ridiculous paranormal shows." Hee hee. If you're into the paranormal, email me. I have questions for you. I'm doing a book on "Paranormal Geeks."

  3. I linked to your list :) Some of your choices I agree with -- glad you liked UFO Hunters, I liked that show as well.

  4. "In Search Of" was da bomb! I still catch the occasional re-run.

  5. I loved Monsterquest. When they'd have marathons I would spend all day parked on the couch.

  6. Doc--I so get it. That is a marathon, I always stop and watch, along with Destination Truth.