Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mind Fuck: Death and the "Other" Dimension

I've talked before about heaven possibly being the fourth dimension and how in our 3-dimensional world, we draw on a piece of paper something we wish to build and then we build that in our 3-dimensional world. It is a prototype, a facsimile missing the extra dimension of depth. A 2-dimensional being, not having that depth perception, does not understand or comprehend our world. If we could pluck him from his 2-dimensional world out to look down upon his world, he would suddenly have a perception that would make his world seem rather shallow and lacking.

People in near-death experiences often explain upon returning to life that the other world was the real world and this one was shallow and empty in comparison. In the other world, they had light, colors and a sense of being one with everything that is missing in this scattered and seemingly unrelated world of 3-dimensions. Were these experiencers of NDEs momentarily plucked from our 3-dimensional world and allowed access to that viewpoint that shows our world to be a prototype, a facsimile?

If you don't mind me fucking with your mind a bit more--imagine this: If a photo is a facsimile of you and it is in the 2-dimensional world, then in the 3-dimensional world there is a you that the "you" in this 3-dimensional world is only a shallow facsimile of. In other words, you are 3-dimensional photo of your true self in the 4th dimension.



  1. According to those kooky Quantum Physics geeks, there could (theoretically) be as many as ELEVEN separate dimensions.

  2. if only my drawings came to life... lol.

  3. There are so just many other dimensions than ours, Autumn. This particular blogticle from quantum physicist, Rob Bryanton's blog about the tenth dimension, helps to underline that other animal species alive & thriving on Earth now experience a multiplicity of dimensions, and that without having died, or, as death was referenced by the poet, Dylan Thomas, that Good Night, which he encouraged us to rage against. Great blogticle, this.