Medicine Wheels: Spirit World Compass

(Medicine Wheel in Adamsville Cemetery, Arizona)

In Arizona, you run into medicine wheels from time to time and especially at the vortexes in Sedona. They are beautiful, but they are also symbolic. Two things I've always dreamed of having in a garden are a labyrinth and a medicine wheel. Here's a chart to show you the quadrants of a medicine wheel:

Some who construct them, use rocks for the cross pieces in the color of the direction, like yellow rocks pointing to the eastern quadrant, et cetera.

These are a grounded and sacred place to interact with the spirit world. Some stand in the during the season facing the appropriate direction. It means something different to each culture and even to the new agers and wiccans who have borrowed the concept for their own process. Everyone has a different experience, but for most it is a way of staying focused, a kind of spiritual reset button.

Here is a wonderful site that explains how to construct your own.


  1. Can't believe no one chose London thusfar in the Christmas poll. I would love to be in London right now. I'm imagining all sorts of Dickensian delights.

  2. Cullan; I should probably vote on it. I'd pick it. I grew up in the DC area and Xmas there was fantastic, but rarely snowing.

  3. Ever hear the Killing Joke song, Medicine Wheel before? It's a tribute to these enigmatic constructions whose true authors & their intent may have been forgotten. A certain Faery Faith Teacher & Mage, Orion Foxwood, teaches of their utmost significance at his House of Brigh site, named for his Faery wife. Also, if I hadn't raised 'em earlier, Burlington News says somewhere on their site that they're the reason Sasquatches can't be caught or fully documented by our intrepid cryptozoologist coleagues; they're interdimensional portals for coming & going. Hey! No wonder they're so elusive! Thanks for the brain food, Autumn, Lovie ~ (•8-o


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