Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lights and Music: Insane Xmas Displays

I happen to live in a neighborhood that fills the foothills with tiny white lights on cacti and roadside trees and leads into a very nice neighborhood where McMansions do over the top light shows to compete with one another.

Here's my video I took of it on Friday night--

Some of us, however, do not get the chance to see insane Xmas displays. Here's some of the ones you can enjoy vicariously and marvel at suburbanites extreme creativity.

Holdman House "Amazing Grace"


"Sexy and I Know It."


  1. Awesome! I love watching lights blinking to the music. I had the last two going at the same time. They sounded great together.

  2. We actually have an entire street just around the corner from me, that decorates the ENTIRE block, times it all to music, and then they rent out a radio station and play Trans Siberian Orchestra. And it's ALL timed to TSO. the entire block. It's pretty cool. Especially when you drive by and they're all sitting out on the porch with a huge smile on their face. Lol

  3. To add to it, (I hit the publish button before I was done)
    Last year, there was a guy in his front yard who was playing guitar in a very enthusiastic way to the music. Talk about dedication :-p

  4. I saw the "Sexy and I know it" one.. It's INSANE!

    I can imagine how much these neighbors LOVE the Light EXPERTS!