Thursday, December 1, 2011

Josh Gates Book Signing & New Season Coming Up

Josh Gates of Destination Truth will be in New York City this Friday, December 2nd at 10am ET for an intimate meet & greet with fans at the NBC Experience Store in Rockefeller Plaza. He will also be signing his new book, Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.

Following an incredible season of expeditions, including a voyage to Antarctica and a live episode in Ireland, world traveler Josh Gates will once again journey to the farthest corners of the earth to bring viewers all-new adventures on Syfy’s Destination Truth.

In season five, Josh and team will lead viewers into a remote Transylvanian village on a hunt for vampires, explore the reportedly haunted Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala, and descend into one of the world’s biggest caves in the jungles of Vietnam to search for phantoms. They'll also journey to Kazakhstan (a Destination Truth first). At the overwhelming request of fans, the team will also return to Romania for a return visit to a haunted forest, the site of their most terrifying investigation to date.


  1. If only I could be in New York to check it out. :D

  2. If he came here, it'd be the toughest assignment he'd gotten because some crazy redhead in a tank top would show up screaming "Josh! Josh! Over here! Josh, puh-lease notice me!"

  3. I look forward to reading it , I have to Agree with you Destination Truth is a good show , with a touch of humor and the hard work they do to bring us the show ( with the travel they do- unbelievable ! ) ,Your lucky you didn’t watch FoF it was terrible , you see a video of an ash tray exploding , having been in the restaurant business for years I saw stuff like that happen all the time all it takes a crack glass and temperature change and its happens and the witch flying up outside the cave was obvious a joke why they covered it was beyond me my guess they have frequent flyer miles to use up

    Ps : They built houses on our Sleepy Hollow

  4. I actually did see the show, but with the volume off. I really get annoyed by the sound of them and it's not like they say anything exciting except "maybe we can correlate this." I worked on my writing which time better spent, but I did look up occasionally to watch them ice up an ice tray and rent an owl. Hmm... Sorry to hear about Sleepy Hollow.