Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Like It Dirty! (Jeeps, That Is!)

I have my entire life had a thing about men in jeeps. I have yet to ever see a man in a jeep who isn't h-o-t!

This is NOT the kind of man I think of when I see jeeps--

Nope, here's the kind of men I see in jeeps--

I'm not sure what the formula is, but it seems that the dirtier the jeep, the hotter the guy driving it.

(dreamy sigh)

I ran into a jeep in the parking lot at the mall and had to videotape it. Here's the video (below). I'm still up in the air about this jeep. How does it classify the owner?

As if there is a karma bug at work, I got a lot of "signs" from the universe. Yesterday, when I wrote this post, I got into my car and was driving down the road when I heard a bunch of clink, clink, clink sounds. I realized that the jeep in front of me was kicking dirt clods at me from underneath and the license plate was a veteran's plate. So, a dirty jeep just attacked me and was owned by a veteran and above I just posted a picture of a man in a jeep who is not sexy, GI Joe. Hmm...

Julie has a post up about Lolly the Jeep if you want to learn more about this insane vehicle and her owner.


  1. Darn you! I have two in need of washing, even though their are garage kept. I will say Woody is a bit particular; where as Commando? Not so much!

  2. Note to self:
    Buy a Jeep next time.


  3. I must agree. Guys in Jeeps are hot. I have also learned that being a single gal driving a jeep also comes in handy. My friend who is a jeep owner and I were stopped left and right while we were out one day. I am now looking at Jeep Dealers in McAllen TX. This single gal does not want to be single any longer!