Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Human Magnetism? Fact or Faked?

Is there such thing as human magnets? Hmm....

Looks, compelling, huh? Notice how the father has to place objects carefully in certain places. If this child were magnetic, it wouldn't take fixing it into place to make them stay.

A great article said;
"Another human magnet, apparently on the cutting edge of science, proudly shows off a couple of meat cleavers stuck to his bare chest. Of course it is not the edge but the flat side of the cleaver that is stuck to the skin. And therein lies a clue. The objects that stick to these human magnets always have a smooth surface. Have you ever cut a potato with a sharp knife that has a wide blade? It can be quite a challenge to unstick the knife from the potato. Smooth surfaces brought together will stick, especially when they are separated by a thin layer of liquid! Pressing smooth objects to greasy skin creates a suction cup-like effect, especially when the subjects tilt themselves backwards as they tend to do. And some people really do produce especially sticky sweat. There's even a condition known as `acquired cutaneous adhesion syndrome.'"

Here's a pic of my son's amazing talent--whatcha think? He has a magnetic personality, but hardly a magnetic body!

Wondering if I might have a talent like that boy in the video above, I checked it out. I just set the spoons on my chest, standing upright, doing nothing special or preparatory and voila! I'm "magnetic!"
hee hee


  1. When I was little I used to be able to ... how do I explain this......... I'd be able to keep my palm flat posed vertically infront of me... and I could "hold" anything there......without the use of my fingers.

    My mom used to say it was the sweat building up in my palms....then one time she swore I had tape there...

    I found that when I hit about 11..... it just kind of went away.......

    Sweat Buildup?
    Air vacuum?

    I'll never know.. but it was cool as anything.

  2. If you have enough "padding" on you and you sweat and it dries and becomes tacky, things stick easily. After I stuck the spoons on me so easily, I picked up other things and stuck them on my chest like a powder compact, even a lipstick tube. Some people's skin is more tacky than others. This works great if you're in need of a shower.

  3. Thanks. I decided to put the knives on the wall instead.

  4. Things will stick to a sweaty body. I think the little boy in the video needed a shower (haha)!

  5. I don't know about human magnetism, but I so frequently get shocked getting in/out of a car, or just about any time I touch something metal, that I must have a higher concentration of electrons or something.

  6. I believe more in psychic magnetism than actual physical magnetism.

    After all, I was drawn to my girlfriend by a higher force...

    ...and your blog...

  7. My grandfather was magnetized from his job and can't wear analog watches. Definitely does not have metal stick to him though. So I'd say it's possible, but nothing like the people in your post who are obviously using sweat buildup or something.

  8. I agree. I can't wear watches either-kill them within one day, sometimes a few hours, but metal does not stick to me-- two different things happening, of course.