Happy 2012--Y'all!

The answer is "no, I have not received a kiss on New Year's." Perhaps that is why I do not celebrate. Too many disappointments. I'd rather go to bed and just make the new year roll in without any promise of romance.

I wish y'all a happy celebration, as I realize many people stay up and get drunk and go out and party and such, so please make it home safely and get that kiss--but make it count. Not just anyone will do. Kiss the person you hope to have throughout 2012 with you.

Talk to you in 2012.


  1. Happy New Year little sis. I am staying home and have a couple of drinks. I probably will fall asleep before midnight so talk to you next year.

  2. Home Alone (with the wee one in bed) on New Years... My man has decided that his new brew kit is more interesting than drinking with me at home... So, I'm going to bed, after I post a self loathing new years eve sucks post... you know... get all that estrogen out of the way so I can sleep.

    Happy New Years My Dear Friend.

  3. What is with men, huh? Don't they know that Valentine's gets them romance, but New Year's gets them drunken women dressed up in their heels and crazy to celebrate with a bang?

  4. haha that is true about new years. But then again, it is men we are talking about here. Well I hope you find someone to kiss soon, I still have my honey and am eternally grateful to be with my best friend. I only hope you find one too. I know you will but I will play it nonchalant to act like I don't know what I'm talking about. Happy New year!

  5. Happy New Year to you. I'm with you about staying home. After working in bars and restaurants on New Year's Eve when I was young, and seeing what goes on behind the scenes, I haven't gone out in many a year.

  6. All the very best wishes to you & all those important to you, Autumn, in 2012, the Year of the Dragon. I left a particular ditty for you in facebookland, but here 'tis again for everyone's enjoyment. Say, did you gnotice that someone had only recently commented on a blogticle of yours from over two years ago, right over here, Sha'? I had to chime in again, too. Can't repost it in facebookland. Drats.

    Personally, I don't drink or 'party', seeing the massive damage that drinking & partying can do. Stayin' home & have dinner & then watching the high school horror movie, The Faculty. Love & Light, my starry sister ~ An' the Man

  7. You'll get that kiss when you least expect it! Happy New Year, Autumn!!

  8. happy new year to you and all your loyal ghost followers.

    big air hugs and kisses!


    this year watched, terminater 2 and scrooged... at my last bad meal. happy diet.


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