Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blogs That Caught My Attention in 2011

I'm a Bigfoot F-R-E-A-K. I like my men tall and hairy, what can I say?

My serious BF hangout has become Bigfoot Evidence. The comments that go back and forth are crazy interesting, edgy, angry, and hopeful. I never know what's next on the news reported there or the things people say. I totally love it--very addictive. If you don't follow it, you're missing out a hugely fun place to comment!

I am also a huge fan of North American Bigfoot with Cliff Barackman from my new favorite show, "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet. I might have a wee bit of a crush on him. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps the Oregonian feel, the wise eyes, the intelligence, the outdoorsy nature....

I am also a werewolf freak and a bit of a closet shaman-type. The blog The Wolf's Eyes has my attention and I never miss a post. This author is highly intelligent, spiritual, and seriously respectful of all things wolves and shapeshifting. Perhaps it's the romantic in me, but this blogger seriously knows how to create a world I'd love to occupy.

I was an English major and can write everything, except poetry, but that doesn't stop me from admiring the hell out of those who can write it and the most exceptional new poet I follow is at Memento Mori. You cannot read any of her poetry without walking away feeling like someone peeked into your soul.

This photography blog, Cory Piehowicz is just as odd and quirky as my mind. I might have a blogger crush from afar.

I enjoy peering into someone's world, especially when they have a great sense of humor. My Own Private Idaho is hilarious and a beautiful insight into a wise old soul's life when he is thrust into Idaho after being raised in California. He's so out of place and yet making it work.

It's been a zombie year for me and I really found a fun place in Zombies Everywhere. In fact, after hosting the Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk this year, I handed it over to him to manage and I know it's in great hands!

Another zombie freak who makes the most amazing items and soap (the hemp is awesome) that I totally adore, is the blog "It's on Random." She's adorable, fun, fresh, and gives me lots of stuff I didn't see coming! I'm just a big fan!

Dr. Heckle is a great getaway. He puts up hilarious pictures several times a day and lets the commenters just have at it with their wittiest caption.

"Bubba's Place" has cool photographs and witty poetry. He's a gracious host and you really feel welcome there. I love being part of the tribe.

Now, I follow the maximum, 300 blogs, and the ones I really go to daily are on my blog list on the bottom left of the blog. Check them out, I obviously recommend them all.


  1. I liked Zombies Eveywhere, the undying attention to anything Zed related is well fleshed out.

  2. R.gers. Yup. I am so thrilled to find such great blogs and new ones popping up all the time. It's an exciting time for blogging.

  3. Thanks for including me! You are always my #1 supporter and I love every single one of your blogs!!!! Happy New Year and I hope you have a fantastic 2012!

    much Love

  4. I am following each and every one of these blogs. I love them all too. Happy New Year, little Sis.