Saturday, December 17, 2011

Barns of Summers County

I just received for Xmas a fantastic book called "Barns of Summers County." My people are from that county in West Virginia, the Days and Frasers. I spent my entire life visiting there to see my cousins, aunts, uncles, and now two siblings live there, as well. It's a beautiful natural place and nearly every home site seems to have a barn.

This huge coffee table book is beautifully printed, absolutely magical to look through, with histories of the barns and the people and amazing photography. The profits of the sale of it go to the Summers County Public Library which is fantastic!

I want to thank Phyllis Campbell Whitley for making this amazing book and for inspiring me with lots of beautiful barn photos. I'm hoping to go visit my family this spring and now I'm even more stoked.

If you love barns, this is your book! (They also have calendars based upon it)


  1. It is an awesome book. I just love the old barns and looking forward to seeing some of them when we visit that area.

  2. Does anyone else think silos are a tad phallic? Aren't there easier ways to store grain?

    I always wanted to paint on the side of a barn: "Moo if you're horny."

  3. haha! I may have to make a shirt for that now...