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This is cryptid month at GHT, but there will be posts about other things, as well, such as some great interviews I'm conducting with Alex Hearn from AZCRO (Arizona's Crypto Team), The Arizona Ghostbusters Team, and the "Liz" zombie inside of me is excited to be interviewing the Department of Zombie Defense and the very girlie side of me is giggling with delight to get to meet them in person. As well, on the 15th, I'm having an awesome cryptid-themed giveaway you really don't want to miss.

I'm busy right now preparing the zombie housewives book for the publisher to review. I'm also preparing in the next couple weeks to release my ebook "How Blogging Changed My life." I was going to call it the Ghost Hunting Theories Blog book because it has many posts from the blog in it, but it's really a story of how blogging can bring out your strengths and your courage and change your life. Y'all know from the Hug-A-Blogger blog and this blog that I've got a real fondness for my tribe and for helping fellow bloggers. I hope the book will inspire people to find their true selves in blogging.

There are more upcoming books but there are too many to even discuss. When Julie and I feel established in getting to print, we plan to make a trip to Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum to base our book "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted" based upon the qualities in that structure. Of course, that trip will include some bizarre place to stay, things to see, and so much to share on our blogs, it will blow your minds. We have some very unusual things planned and hope to be doing that in the springtime.

So, stay tuned and know that I've got some things up my sleeves (now that it's finally weather here to wear sleeves). I will be avidly following your blogs to see what's up this season for y'all, my tribe.


  1. Send me a copy. I'd love to read and review them.

  2. Awesome...also, my son is totally excited about cryptid month.

  3. You have some great interviews and books lined up!


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