Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seriously Creepy-Wickedly Awesome!

Y'all know, I live all year long just to see what Pumpkinrot is doing. Here's his 2011 Halloween video. Seriously--amazing! My favorite horror filmmaker--I just love that he not only makes amazing Halloween cards and art, but he gets what the season should be about--alternate universes of magic and mystery, autumn and tradition.

Bless you, Pumpkinrot, filmmakers could learn a helluva lot from you about what we want.


  1. All Hail the King of Samhain, the Almighty Pumpkinrot! ALL HAIL!!!

    Seriously though, he is truly awesome in that he gets that Halloween is about journeying to a fantasy world. Can't wait to see how he tops this!

  2. HN you are so right brother, that was awesome. I'm already starting an FoF-style countdown for next Halloween