Monday, November 21, 2011

Portals and Vortexes

I'm intrigued by concepts like someone accidentally stepping into another time period.

(“Somewhere in Time”)

Many people discuss vortexes, like the famous ones in Sedona. These are described in "A Traveler's Guide to the Living Planet Earth":
"A vortex is a mass of energy that moves in a rotary or whirling motion, causing a depression or vacuum at the center.... These powerful eddies of pure Earth power manifest as spiral-like coagulations of energy that are either electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic qualities of life force."
The term “vortex” is often interchanged with “portal.” In ghost hunting, many psychics have referred to places in a location as portals or openings from our world to “the other.


I found a rather interesting article about portals. Some of what it says is, “What are Energy Portals?

"Energy Portals are openings in the energy field of the spirit realm. These are like gateways that exist in the dimension of spirit, directly around this dimension. Sometimes these gateways are opened deliberately (often if there are healers, clairvoyants or other practitioners living in the house) or involuntarily - they are opened by powerful spirits or by someone who is sensitive in the house who attracts spirits to them, but is unaware (hence it is common to have phenomenon such as Poltergeist in the house). Portals can be opened or closed, but I’d not suggest someone unpracticed attempts it. Placing visualized ’seals’ of white or violet light over known portals will definitely help to keep out unwanted forces or neutralize negative energy. You can also place a crystal near the portal which is programmed to do just that. Portals for some reason often seem to occur in doorways, wardrobes and windows. It is as though the physical portals are somehow replicated in spirit. Hauntings and Poltergeist: Energy Portals can be anywhere in or around the house. They could also be connected to the land where the house has been located. If there are mischevious or malicious spirits in a house, they will have required some kind of gateway or something which has attracted, or magnetized them to the house or person. If it is a person who is attracting such things, it will be because that person has latent psychic power which is just emerging or developing. This often happens at the onset of puberty, which increased hormones secret chemicals which stimulate previously dormant areas of the brain related to psychic activity. That person will often be unaware of their gift, and perhaps afraid of what is happening, thereby making it worse.”

I'm very interested in the practice of Feng Shui (placement of items to direct and coax “chi” energy on proper pathways for good functioning, success, health, et cetera). It is a bit new-age in concept, but based on practices that are ancient. I have found from hunts that phenomena follows pathways that humans also follow, like hallways, roads, high traffic areas. It is for this reason, I began experimenting with some feng shui changes in environments and found them to be very beneficial. Something as simple as adding light to a room and decluttering it is enough to make stagnant energy from sitting and pooling in areas and makes the people in the room feel better and more able to think and perform.

I hope to report back some of the basics of feng shui for keeping your home successful and healthy. In the mean time, what to do about portals?

It is generally believed (by those who believe) that portals are formed by people using Ouija, seances, practicing the occult, divining, and such. The reason you see people saging a home (burning a bundle of sage and walking from room to room--see yesterday's post about incense and saging) is to cleanse a home of such portals and attacks. Some sprinkle salt, others pray and sing religious songs, and place candles, incense and crystals in troubled areas. This is obviously not a science. Like anything else of a metaphysical bend, it depends on belief. If you believe it works, then you found the right combo.

There are some haunted locations I have returned to over the years with one specific spot in the building with activity. Does this make it a portal? Not necessarily. What people refer to as portals or vortexes tend to have a variety of issues that change constantly. If you have one spot where an apparition shows up or a chair always moves, that's not a portal, that's a haunting feature.

If you want to throw another strange kink into the concept of portals, what if when a person stands in a haunted location and feels something go through him, the tingling goosebumps, cold electrical feeling that goes in one side of the body and out the other is not a spirit passing through them, but a fluctuating portal drifting by as it comes in and out of being?

I've been in a few places that had a portal feel to them where it seems as if the activity in the building changes constantly, voices change, as if many entities are entering and exiting constantly, a kind of spiritual weigh station. I believe just the right combination of physical factors have to occur for this feature to show up and one change in those factors and it ceases. I hope to cover a good deal about this in the book Julie and I are working on, "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted."


  1. "Somewhere in Time" was filmed at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, way up in northern Michigan!

  2. Here there is a lack of scientific knowledge in the notions of both energy and dimensions. These terms in the strictest scientific sense make no sense when used in the context of the subject. "Portals are openings in the energy field of the spirit realm"? Energy is by definition a measurement of work. There is no energy of the spirit world, there is only two types of energy kinetic and potential. Energy has no relation to any imagined portal.
    "These are like gateways that exist in the dimension of spirit, directly around this dimension"? A dimension is a measurement in one direction. Dimension has no relation to imagined spirit. Dimensions are spaces not places.

  3. Very valid points about portals and dimensions. I'm only quoting what is written up about these concepts. I am more likely to believe that a "portal" is the rubbing together of two dimensions giving us a momentary glimpse of only the portion of another dimension we can perceive. Sort of like me putting my finger down on a piece of paper. If 2-dimensional entities existed, they would see only that which they can perceive without their ability to establish depth. My tendencies are more towards science and less towards woo-woo pseudoscience, but I do like presenting these concepts for people who ask about these terms being bantered around.