Friday, November 25, 2011

Likely Cryptids: Orang Pendek

Other than Bigfoot/Yeti and Tasmanian Tiger, the other most likely cryptid to be found in our time is the Orang Pendek. The name of this creature means "Short person" in Indonesian. Seen on the island of Sumatra by many credible witnesses, this is a very likely cryptid. He is described as bipedal, hairy and about 30-60 inches tall. The fur is reported as gray to brown in color. The foot prints left by the creature are described as having a divergent big toe, like an ape.

Debbie Martyr, a long-time researcher reports what locals describe as, "...usually no more than 85 or 90cm in height — although occasionally as large as 1m 20cm. The body is covered in a coat of dark grey or black flecked with grey hair. But it is the sheer physical power of the orang pendek that most impresses the Kerinci villagers. They speak in awe, of its broad shoulders, huge chest and upper abdomen and powerful arms. The animal is so strong, the villagers would whisper that it can uproot small trees and even break rattan vines. The legs, in comparison, are short and slim, the feet neat and small, usually turned out at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The head slopes back to a distinct crest — similar to the gorilla — and there appears to be a bony ridge above the eyes. But the mouth is small and neat, the eyes are set wide apart and the nose is distinctly humanoid. When frightened, the animal exposes its teeth — revealing oddly broad incisors and prominent, long canine teeth."

"Destination Truth" did a good episode on it. Given the reports and some prominent researchers who have seen it and the preserve protected forests of the Sumatran Tiger, this is a very feasible creature. It even makes me wonder if it might be related to the Hobbit.

The Hobbit was also found in Indonesia, coincidentally. 3-foot-tall humans with brains the size of grapefruits in a cave on the Indonesian island of Flores suggest these 18,000-year-old specimens weren't a quirk of an ancient hominin, but part of an entire species of miniature people whose existence overlapped with that of modern Homo sapiens.

Regarding the finds of "Hobbit" remains: "We now have the remains of at least seven hobbit-sized individuals at the cave site, so the 18,000-year-old skeleton cannot be some kind of 'freak' that we just happened to stumble across first," said Bert Roberts, an anthropologist at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, and co-author of the study about the find in this week's issue of the journal "Nature."

I do not find any reason why the folks on Sumatra would report such a creature before the Hobbit skeletons were even found. Much like Bigfoot being reported before gigantic man-creature bone evidence was found. The coincidences are just a bit too strong and make me wonder very much if we're talking about evolution in isolation.

It's something to consider....


  1. Send the Finding Bigfoot guys out there!

  2. It would be so cool if they found one...and then left him alone, doing his own thing...