Let's List Cryptids

To start off this month of cryptid-themed posts, let's begin with a fantastic list of countries and cryptids! We hear a lot about Bigfoot, Yeti, and Nessie, but the amount of cryptids reported around the world are vast and terribly intriguing. Let's just take a dive into the big pool of unknown critters waiting to be found or proved figments of local's imaginations.

Tasmania: Thylacine "Tamanian Tiger" (a creature that did exist and is thought to be extinct)

Iceland: Lagarfljots Worm. Supposedly occupies a fresh water lake.

Java: Ahool--a giant bat.

Puerto Rico: Chupcabra--goat sucker creature.

Congo Region/Africa: Mokele-Mbembe. Supposed Sauropod dinosaur.

Orang-Pendak. An ape-like creature.

British Columbia: Caddy--a sea serpent.

North America: Thunderbird.

Pakistan: Barmanu is a reportedly hair humanoid.

Andes Mountains: Ucu--Bigfoot-like creature.

Australia: Yowie--Bigfoot-like creature.

Worldwide: "Globsters" are giant globs that wash up on shores.

Indonesia: Ebu Gogo, 3-foot tall hairy people with pot bellies and long arms.

Pakistan: Barmanu--Bigfoot-like creature.

Africa: Mngwa--a tabby marked cat but as large as a donkey.

As you can see, this is quite a variety!

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  1. Don't forget the Wild Hipster, found mostly in north american coffee shops. Scary folk...

  2. vary interesting warr309

  3. @Lost.In.Idaho: BWA-hahahaha. LOVE IT!

    @Autumn: it's remarkable how many of these are ape/human like hairy unknowns.
    I wonder if they are all of the same family tree... or like us... just different nationalities of BF!

    We may never know.

  4. Great list. Josh Gates and Team Truth has looked for some of them. I am patiently waiting for his show to return and see what other creatures he looks for.

  5. I can't wait until they have the teleconference with Josh before the new season. I am just in awe of him. He is just as intelligent and quick witted as on the show. That guy is totally in his groove. Loved his book too--wow! I think the finding of human-ape like creatures in almost every continent is interesting. If certain types of early man kept breeding and retreating like lost tribes, they might indeed be different looking from isolation and evolution. Oh, I love my cryptids!

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  7. Totally didn't get to watch the video until a second ago. I revoke the beginning of my last comment. :-p

    I actually had a shore house right in Jersey Devil Territory. And my friend and I were at a playground and totally freaked out the one time, we convinced ourselves that we saw it.

    I have to agree though, The amount of Big Foot like creatures makes me think that there is definitely a big foot around, I mean, with all of the similarity's around and them being on different continents. Any idea as to how late all the Big Foot creature legends date back per country? I'm kind of curious about that.


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