Large Cryptids Found

You wonder if we've found it all? No freaking way. Here's just some discovered cryptids in the recent past and present:

Saola antelope

Discovered in Vietnam in 1992.

Chacoan peccary

Discovered in Paraguay in 1975.


Discovered in Cambodia in 1937.


Discovered in Congo and rarely ever seen, keeps to itself and is barely ever photographed.

Just when you think we've found it all, something new pops up. Makes you wonder, huh?

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  1. 1) Chacoan peccary - is adorable. I want one as a pet. I am not joknig.

    2) Can you end all your posts with the Picture of Harry? Please? I love him.

  2. Haha. Maybe I should use Harry as my profile pic? People might think I'm letting myself go a bit too native. Hee hee. I agree about the piggy, he is adorable! I think I'd like an Okapi because only a mother could love that face.

  3. I'm rarely surprised when a new species is found.

    There are still many parts of the world that haven't even been charted or explored, much to the surprise of folks who think there's a McDonald's in every corner of the globe.

    (Globes have corners?)

    Surprise, surprise - GoogleEarth does NOT have every inch of the planet mapped out and - OMG - there are still places you can go where no one has phone service OR internet access.

  4. So true. I was on the phone with my sister the other day. She has no internet. I looked up her address in West Virginia and it just showed me a mountain and nothing else. They haven't bothered to map it yet. haha.

  5. Very cool when myth becomes reality!


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