Just Like Bacon-Everything Is Better With Bigfoot!

The 70s was, well, Bigfoot heaven--

Ask me why I'm such a BF freak? It's hard to grow up in that era and not be totally terrified by this documentary (below) and "Legend of Boggy Creek"

I actually had to sneak out to see this one--

I came home and immediately donned a ton of clothing and heavy gloves and helmet and went into the woods in search of him (I was afraid he might bite).

You can't be inundated with this stuff and not be affected.

At the same time period, in our boring elementary school classes, teachers were showing old-fashioned reel films (yeah, I'm fucking ancient) of lost tribes being found all over the globe. There were still a lot of unknowns in a world we thought we knew pretty good, having Jacques Cousteau and astronauts to explore beyond our prior limits.

I was as scared and fascinated by Bigfoot as I was of tall guys. Little did I know, I'd grow pretty tall myself and still have a thing for the tall ones.

I sometimes envied BF for claiming the woods as his home. I never wanted to leave them. I spent most of my waking hours exploring.

I don't mind the notion of sharing my forests with this man-relative. When people thought of him as a pure ape form and not at all human, I always knew that for him to hide so well and walk erect, he was much closer to us on the evolutionary scale.

How about a Bigfoot Toy? I'm hoping to find this one for sale somewhere in someone's garage debris.

**I'd like to thank Shawn at Bigfoot Evidence for the shout out about my F'ing Bigfoot LAUGH episode!**


  1. I never understood how Bigfoot started out in the first place.

  2. Dang, you are right. Bigfoot = better. :D

  3. OMG!!! These are awesome!!! I feel like a 40ish kid again.

  4. wild boy and bigfoot was an awesome tv show :)


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