Thursday, November 3, 2011

Join Some Crypto Blogs!

I love following crypto-themed blogs and following interesting crypto websites. It's a thrill to hear what the gossip is in the close-knit community of eager adventurers and explorers. Plus, I like men in olive and khaki, not necessarily camo, though. To me, camo's are like what blue eyeshadow is to women--instantly trashy.

Fashion statements aside, here's the community I follow and why I do.

1. Bigfoot Evidence. Love this blog. Shawn does an amazing job putting up a few posts a day on BF-related info. He gets awesome interviews and I am not kidding when I say, I read EVERY SINGLE POST! Basically, if you follow him, put him on your Blog List so you see the news posts as they pop up. With his blog alone, you know everything you ever need to know in the BF community. In fact, I will be doing a cryptid-themed giveaway in conjunction with this blog on the 15th--so don't miss that!

2. North American Bigfoot. I love this one for a couple of reasons--cute Cliff Barackman from Travel Channel's "Finding Bigfoot" and the fact that he puts up videos explaining things from behind the scenes you didn't know from the episodes. Wow! I love transparent researchers. He also has a sense of humor like mine and doesn't seem to mind me occasionally doing a LAUGH episode about his fun-loving enthusiastic group.

3. Cryptomundo. Loren Coleman is sort of the Stephen King of Bigfoot in that he has more books out on the subject than anyone I know. He knows everyone, has been everywhere, has asked big questions, has sought interesting answers, and every single day, his site keeps you up on all things crypto. It's probably the most quoted site I know on the subject. Smart guy. Honestly a big kid at heart about the subject of cryptids.

4. Bigfoot Lunch Club. This one is fun. I like to go here and see what he's knocking around. It's inquisitive, playful, and informative. I feel like I'm part of a BF happening when I jump on and check out the posts and comments.

5. The Lost Coast Tapes. This is purely self-indulgent, but it's a BF movie coming out that sounds like it's going to be a winner and after seeing that godawful "Boggy Creek," I seriously need something to give me new images in my head. I'm looking forward to this one and I check out the progress from time to time to be sure it's coming out to the theaters and when!


  1. Good choices, I am following them all.

  2. Thanks for making me aware of all these! :D

  3. I have a strange suspicion you like hairy men.

  4. Honestly, I do love hairy men. My #1 biggest turnoffs are men that shave their bodies. If I wanted a girl, I'd have one. It's the differences in hairy men and silky women that make use feel even more masculine and feminine. It's all about the contrasts.

  5. I gess I wont shave my hairy back then smiles warr309

  6. Oooh! Thank you...must check out!!