Interview with Arizona "Seeker of Bigfoot Encounters"

I had an interesting and enlightening interview with an Arizona man who goes out in search of Bigfoot. I guess calling him Bigfoot hunter is a wrong description, as this very intelligent and insightful man seeks encounters with Bigfoot. In fact, he leaves him a basket of fruit as an offering at his search sites.

Steve from Desert Bigfoot group has seen the creature twice. One time, he saw it walking between the trees, upright, and large. The other time, he saw BF's eye staring back at him through a nightvision scope from a very close distance as the creature peered out curiously from behind a tree. He said that was so shocking that he had a bit of a time getting over the surprise and realization that he was seeking encounters with a creature who is curious, smart, and substantially larger than humans.

When you go onto their site, be sure and check the tabs, especially the audio one which gave me shivers!

I'm impressed with this seeker of BF and the team he works with. They are very well decked out to cover ground within a mile of the periphery of their base camp with audio and visual and nightvision. They're ready to debunk and evaluate evidence and come to conclusions and make changes in their style of seeking. I think what impresses me the most is that they aren't out for glory or a TV show or a name in cryptozoology. Even though they are sitting on some pretty awesome evidence, they seek only to get answers to their own questions about this hairy critter.

As a ghost hunter, I find that many of the techniques that BF hunters employ are similar including infinite patience. And, like a ghost hunter, they must listen to sounds and see shadows moving and debunk on the spot. There is a lot of sensory input in the dark woods at night, as there is at a haunted location. To be able to set up equipment in the proper places, evaluate the present sights and sounds and then review the data in the end involves a great deal of quick thinking, adaptability to be able to test theories on the spot, and a burning desire to have an encounter with a creature that few have interacted with.

I would seriously like to hit the road with this team in the future and I will, of course, report back what we encounter. I cannot think of a more well-covered, experienced and intelligent group to hang with. Their attitude about the big fella is one of respect, awe, and curiosity. Discoveries are made with those three qualities!


  1. That would be so cool to go hunting with them! :D

  2. It would cool to be able to hunt with his group and see how they set out to seek for BF.

  3. "Bigfoot Is Real"


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