Interview With Alex Hearn From AZCRO

I was lucky enough to go to a paranormal meetup to see their guest speaker, Alex Hearn, Founder of Arizona Cryptozoological Research Organization (AZCRO), and Lead Cryptozoologist for TGAPH.TV. He is a very impressive Crypto researcher in Arizona. Arizona, you ask? Well, our state actually isn't just desert. The upper country is high elevation, tree-filled with lots of water and food sources. As well, the White Mountains in AZ and the Mogollon Rim that cuts through the northern part of our state supports a wonderful tree-filled, water rich ecosystem for the big fella.

I was so impressed with Alex's child-like enthusiasm and intelligence, I just had to interview this trustworthy man and find out the what's and why's behind his pursuit of the elusive creature we call Bigfoot.

Alex's influential grandmother instilled in him a love for mystery and nature. To this day, he still gets very excited about his excursions, unable to sleep, thrilled to be spending time outdoors in nature, his great love, and in search of mysteries and interactions with the unknown.

The first event that led him on the path of specifically seeking Bigfoot occurred during a hunting trip with his father when he decided to hike back to the truck and something followed him on two feet through the woods. When he began to run, it ran too. It tracked him for miles. Although terrifying it also made him wonder. As a hunter, he knew what was in the woods, or did he?

In 2008 and 2009, Alex saw Bigfoot. One time, when he had a very good look at the creature, it had an expression on its face with raised eyebrows as if shocked it had been seen, turned and thrashed its way through the underbrush. The thing that surprised Alex the most was that the fur appeared so very nicely groomed and not matted and dirty as one would expect. It also had a cap of hair upon its head.

He also said that no two Bigfoot look alike and he takes exception to the notion they all look the same. The most compelling physical evidence he's come across is a toenail that was submitted to the Bigfoot Genome Project to be analyzed by Dr. Melba Ketchum. Results from Dr. Ketchum's studies should be released in coming months (fingers crossed) and just might shake everyone up. I say this because everyone involved with it is under a contract to not speak of the results which makes me wonder what's going on.

Interestingly, Alex echoed a feeling I have as a ghost hunter. I get a lot of complaints by people in the field who want me to follow the belief that “here is what a ghost is and here is how it works.” I still will not say that what we're dealing with is the souls of the dead. I have scant evidence to support that yet and I certainly do not have proof. Alex says “ What I explain to people often, is that as we gain more knowledge our opinions will change. Hopefully those opinions become more educated of an opinion. Not always though sometimes we seek answers with blinders on. Only looking for the answers that will prove our claims. This comes from peoples ego, and their unwillingness to admit they could have been wrong at one time.” See what I mean? Smart guy!

I will be following Alex's adventures in the world of Bigfoot and you can follow him too on AZCRO's site and their Facebook.

(a casting of a footprint)

(thermal image--capturing a BF shape?)


  1. great artical autumn ! how yabeen sweet lady?

  2. Thank you. I am doing well, very busy, but quite pleased.

  3. that is vary good autumn hugs and lots love an dluck on new books

  4. Great interview! It would be a dream to go bigfoot hunting with him.

  5. Sharon, your writing is fantastic! You make me sound bigger then life, Thank You.

    Really that's all this is though, is "life".

    These creatures have always been with us. We just continue to look at the forest with blinders on many times. Not seeing what is right in front of our eyes some times, other times seeing but not believing. Must be those Binders again?

    As a tracker, it's easy to follow the obvious trail. If you follow a person or animal long enough a good tracker will be able to track them with no trail at all. This is because you learn to think like they are thinking. You do this by experiencing what they are experiencing, in their own perspective. This is how you can hunt any animal even humans. I use this practice in my research as a Cryptozoologist; I feel with great success. Not sure you could use it to find a Ghost or a UFO though. :)

    Best Wishes for a great holiday season,



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