Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interview: Department of Zombie Defense

So, when Julie and I went to the enormous zombie walk downtown around Halloween time, I couldn't help but be highly distracted. Not by the amazing ghoulish zombie costumes, but by the delicious men in SWAT-like uniforms controlling the horde of us zombies. They call themselves the Department of Zombie Defense and I was lucky enough that these awesome warriors were willing to talk to little ol' me.

Commander Gonzales and Commander Hayes (below)

were kind enough to meet me at a local pub and discuss their organization. This idea was born from cops (yeah, cops) who also happen to love zombie movies and discussing tactical issues. They began to come up with scenarios and kid around about it and decided we needed a Department of Zombie Defense. And, so a brilliant idea was born!

Y'all know me well enough to know my eternal search for my tribe. Closet nerds, dorks, spazes and geeks and even some who are openly so, who love the horror genre and love to ask "what if?" are my people! It's why I started Ghost Hunting Theories, to search for these precious gems in our society. Well, these boys fit in my tribe just fine. In fact, I hope to be doing a lot of fun and goofy stuff with these guys in the future (oh, get your mind out of the gutters--these are good boys).

They do charity events. In one, they wore zombie masks while kids shot at them with paintball guns, but first the kids had to locate the paintball guns in the flashing crazy lights of the paintball theater. It was like a living video game. They all had a blast. They even train and graduate the little ones with "degrees," hoping to teach them to be good citizens. Their hearts are huge and their talents with tactical planning equally as impressive. In fact, they are finishing up a book and a comic book based on the team and its plans for a future reality of the zombie apocalypse and what might go down in such a situation.

They're funny, smart, and so enthusiastic. I find this team to be one I consider part of my inner circle, so please make them feel very welcome. You'll notice on their site that you can sign up as a zombie test subject which is a really fun thing. They also have their totally cool gear for sale and I ordered the tank top. In fact, when it arrives, I will be beginning Zombie Fridays on my blog with tank top shots. It's a little transfer from the Fact or Faked shots because, well, the show bores me and I doubt I'm going to be reviewing it anymore. So, move over FoF tank tops for the sexy Department of Zombie Defense tank.

I hope to do some things with them in the future and will cover it on here because we all need heroes and these guys fit the role perfectly!

The answer to her first questions in the song--they're in Phoenix! Department of Zombie Defense!

Oh, and you might notice in this video below they were calling us Laverne and Shirley in our 1950s bowling costumes.

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  1. A great group of guys and not bad to look at either.

  2. How cool is that!?! They sound like a fantastic bunch of guys!

  3. Is it wrong to refer to the Department of Zombie Defense guys as adorable?

  4. DOZD guys are hot--it's perfectly normal.

  5. Zombies love Pig , so I've heard.

  6. so i have a question are we pro or con for the zombies... i am kinda worried.


  7. I was the lucky woman that got to call "Commander Gonzales" ( AKA Michael) my husband... I have his 2 oldest children.... May he RIP