Monday, November 21, 2011

How My Garden Grows!

Our growing season in Phoenix is a bit different than most folks. I start growing in October to May. The problem is, now that I'm in an apartment, I don't have the land I used to have. Although I don't have to contend with Bermuda Grass on a patio, I do have to contend with living on a desert preserve and the prarie dogs who eat everything I put in pots on the patio. So, I outsmarted them this fall.

Since I'm an earth-type gal and love my fresh veggies/fruits/herbs and picking and eating them constantly, I put up hanging baskets. I have herbs in the basket in the forefront and then snow peas spilling over the sides--with blossoms already. Snow peas are very proliferation, so as you pick them, more grow and they're great all winter here. In the next basket, I have a lettuce mix and more snow peas spilling out. The third basket has heirloom tomatoes that will turn a black color and more snow peas, and the last basket is purely lettuces.

I also have a few huge pots that have spindly legs and a plastic container lid under them to keep the prarie dogs from entering, so I'm putting brocolli rabe, mixed carrots and purple spinach in those. Yes, I am a vegetarian! To me, this stuff is like candy!

So, this is my garden. I go out often and use the fresh herbs with everything I make. I grow parsley, basil and rosemary--I consider to be the three most important ones to have for cooking.

While it's getting cold everywhere else, this will be growing all winter and I'll be replenishing it until late spring. It's well protected from the patio and with the hillside of desert beside my apartment, so even on our frosty nights, it will be contented.


  1. Basil and Tomatoes year-round?!? I'm jealous. Now all you need is to make your own mozzarella.

  2. I am with Monkey Man... MmmmMmm Basil, Tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.

    MmmmMmmMmmmm on Crunchy italian bread slices.

  3. How wonderful! I love to garden...that is the ONLY thing I miss about summertime right now.