Horror-Themed Restaurants

The Hellfire Club in the Manchester England (above)

The House of 1000 Spirits in Belgium (above) is decorated with a creepy satanic theme.

More cities are getting in on people's desire to indulge in scary places. Atlantic City is going to have a horror-themed restaurant.

Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York has a Jack the Ripper feel (above)

I have always dreamed of having a brewery in an old abandoned building or a haunted B&B with a very dark and stormy afternoon feel with warm brandy, ghost stories, seances, and such. I'm thrilled to see that themed restaurants are thriving. The one simple way we can shake up our lives is to have someone else feed us, serve us drinks and do it in a place that does not look like the world we spend our time in 99% of our days. If a restaurant has a theme to it, I find myself choosing it any time over the drab hotel restaurant looking places.

For those who don't have progressive-thinking towns, you might have a Rainforest Cafe nearby and that is a pretty fun experience too, especially for the kids!


  1. I have been to the Rainforest Cafe, the one here in AZ and the one in Las Vegas. It's a fun place to eat.

  2. In my step-dad's hometown, back in the 1970's, there was a resteraunt called "Sleepy Hollow" and on busy nights, they would light up the forest outside, and have someone ride thru on horseback dressed as the Headless Horseman. The building had a massive glass wall, see everyone could see out. It burned down a while ago, but people see it was a fun place.

  3. HN-that is my single favorite horror theme of all time--Sleepy Hollow. It has it all. I've heard of some haunted attractions with that theme in the NE and it makes me want to go there just for Halloween. If I lived there, I'd get a cottage and set it up like Sleepy Hollow year-round and just live in a magical creepy forest locale.

  4. Acchiappafantasmi in Rome serves ghost-shaped pizzas! It's pretty awesome.



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