Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ghost Hunters & Fact or Faked Tonight

Looks like FoF tonight is doing rods--long since already proven as insects and (drum roll)... a flying saucer. What's up with FoF, huh? They're doing things we already know and things that are just stupid like the moving swing on the swingset. And WAY TOO MANY UFO STORIES! Where's Bigfoot? Where's Jersey Devil? Where's anything but flying saucers??? You know, I'm reviewing it tomorrow and I will be honest.

If you are still one of the few watching GH, here's what's up on there - The Bloodiest 47 Acres--

(If you want to have fun with this video above, just imagine the guys are talking about their contract with GH and their gig on the show)

What are my favorite shows on TV?
1. Destination Truth
2. The Walking Dead
3. Finding Bigfoot
4. Big Bang Theory
5. Two and a Half Men (love the addition of Ashton-totally refreshed it!)


  1. I think I might just get me one of their shirts! :D

  2. Me miss the Sci Fi channel! :( I guess I can always watch some older episodes on their site though. :)

  3. My favs:

    1. Terra Nova
    2. Walking Dead
    3. Talking Dead
    4. Nova science
    5. Big Bang Theory

  4. Ghost Hunters.. ewww... I was a big fan of their a eons ago... when Jason and the other guy (i forgot his name!) they were bumbling.

    I can't get that feeling back anymore. How weird is that.

    But Destination Truth.. that's the show to beat if you're another network. Josh Gates is brilliant and witty. I feel like I'm right there with them.

  5. "they were plumbing" hehhe.. Did I just say bumbling?

  6. Shawn--you crack me up. God, I love DT! I can't wait to do the telephone conference with him when the show is ready to go up again.

  7. Sharon.. please hit me up when you're going to do the phone conversation :P Would be cool to listen in.

  8. Would love a good Jersey Devil favorite=)