FoF tonight and GH on Syfy

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, Steve and Tango return to the second floor of a Bourbon distillery warehouse after Adam and Amy had noticed suspicious activity. As the team continues to investigate, they hear loud and deliberate footsteps after asking spirits to make themselves known. As they continue forward, they feel a lot of movement and Steven quickly states he saw something black amongst the shadows. Then suddenly both are attacked and are brought down to the ground.

In Fact or Faked, we see Ben and Lanisha head into an Old West style building where while on the second floor, Ben thinks he hears floorboards creaking from the floor below. Moments after, Devin asks the team to check out Sadie’s room to see if the light they placed inside the room had been moved as it is now gone missing. Ben and Lanisha approached the completely torn apart light outside of the door to Sadie’s room and verified that the light was indeed the light Devin, himself, had placed inside the room. They decide to start an AVP but only by watching the episode will you know if they succeed in making contact.

I admit, staying up until midnight is tough on a week night, but I'm going to do it because FoF is going to the Birdcage in Tombstone. You probably remember my team POE doing the place last spring. It was a really awesome site and we dream of going back and having the place for a full night instead of 3 wimpy hours. It was definitely an unsettled place. I want to see how FoF takes on the building. I'm suspecting that they put down sticky fly tape to try and catch anybody who plans to hoax them, spreads out powder on the floor to get ghost footprints, and place mannequins around the room to see if the ghosts jostle them. I have no idea where their logic comes from to attack a place, but I am ever entertained by their Scooby Doo antics.