Fact or Faked Reviewed

Of all the freaking evidence people have accrued at BirdCage in Tombstone, AZ, the team decides to use what is OBVIOUSLY the shadow from the metal cranks on the coffee grinder nearby. I knew it from having been there before exactly what thing it was showing. That anyone thought that was a guy in a coffin boggles the mind. But, looked like a good excuse to let them sit there and do a ghostie hunt.

That EVP? WTF? I don't know what to say except something Scooby might say, "Rooby Rooby Roo!"

Case 2--night light in the sky. They went and built a fake freeway? A cherry picker? A high-powered laser? A freeway sign? Putting up a high power line to catch light? Note to Syfy: They will charge you to go to Hawaii for an obviously bogus ghost picture girl and then to South America to study a moving swing on a swingset and they will make you hire all this shit for a fake freeway when they could have taken the freeway with Jael in the passenger seat filming in the same conditions it happened. If all else fails--FoF rents helicopters and UFO-shaped balloons. I'm bringing Scooby back with this one, "Ruh roh!"

I stayed up until midnight for this. Why, you might ask? Not for the mental stimulation, the mystery and unveiling of the things we already know, not for laughs, but mostly so the readers can at least enjoy another tank top shot. It's really becoming the highlight of the reviews, isn't it? How sad is that?

(Yawn) Good night, y'all. I'm off to bed to dream of Syfy shows that stimulate my mind and my attention like "Destination Truth." Putting this baby in the queue and we'll talk about it in the morning. No doubt, you'll be tired and cranky then too for staying up after watching a junior high science experiment.


  1. So I guess I won't catch it on demand...

  2. Oh Scooby, you remind me so much of my childhood.

  3. I would say that Scooby's observation about the whole event was "rit rucked!"

  4. I'm sorry I bet I missed it... but, did you watch GH?

    They were in this distillery... and at one point, there was audio that we the audience could hear... that came from NO ONE.

    However, didn't make it on the review....



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