Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fact or Faked Reviewed

First, I want to say, I did stay awake for GH. I didn't think I'd watch it, but when they said they were opening a new part of Waverly and having lots of activity, my spidey senses got excited. It was actually a very cool episode. If only they could find untapped places like that and change their team and their methods. Oh hell, it'd still be GH doing these places. But, it was cool to have an episode that had some things happen that rang true for a truly active night. It happens so rarely. Most episodes, they just try so hard to make anything fit into activity. Not so in this one. Very cool, how's that?.

It's time for another review of "Could be fact but might be faked; could be faked but might be fact; maybe it happened; maybe it didn't, we're not willing to commit." (my new name for the show) Considering all the effort to recreate these things and prove they were hoaxes, they seem more confused in the end whether it was real or not.

Here's my dilemma, folks. With the F-me-in-the-rear time change that leaves Arizona floating because we don't change our clocks, FoF is now on at 11 pm midweek. I didn't think I could stay awake, but a friend called and talked until after midnight, so I watched it sound off and closed captioning on. I am utterly stunned at the things they do. Really? Plastic around a pool, a fog machine and a bunch of balls in a pool? A bunch of birds with wings? I give up. I absolutely give up. Need I say more? I won't even touch the Waverly investigation. Scooby Doo gang. The thing is, if you put them all together and were able to form one personality, like say Josh Gates or even Zak Bagans, they could be forgiven, but in their case they seem like awkward tweens coming up with ridiculous hoaxes. I'm not even sure at this point if I would stay awake for it if it was on at 7 pm. The potential for the show has been tapped and abused.

Now, tell me whatcha think.


  1. Speaking of sleeping I could really use a little nap right now. Sleeping is a pain in the butt when it is super cold. lol.

  2. I fell asleep oober early. I didn't watch either.

    But,I was so sure I'd be disappointed with both.
    I may watch GH on demand tonight... Since you seem to have liked it.

    and FoF... I'm done with.
    It's all.............confuddled and moronic now.

    I've really gotten into The American Horror Story on FX... it's eerie and creepy. Just good fun.

  3. Kat; I need to make a reminder to see that American Horror Story. I keep forgetting when it's on and what channel. Argh! I will henceforth make an effort. I'm still getting used to The Walking Dead being on Sunday nights. Whose idea was that?

  4. I don't have cable at the mometn so I missed last nights episode of GH. I hope to catch it on-line.

    Love the neclace!

  5. Next show is Bobby Mackeys, they can't handle that place? Ghost Adventures Zak, Aaron, and Nick all had something follow them home! Amy's going to be crying for sure!!!!

  6. I miss everything because of when I have to sleep :(