Friday, November 4, 2011

Cryptid In Arizona Or Aberration?

This big cat was supposedly hit by a truck in Northern Arizona and weighed about 250 pounds (usual mountain lions are 80-100). Does this make him a crypto? Doesn't look like anything else but a mountain lion who had great genes and a good life because he was able to develop a fine body, like a top athlete.

Still, makes one wonder how a beast that size can live so long unknown in the fairly sparse forests near Williams. Jeez, I hope that doesn't mean BF will be hit by a truck when someone poses next to his corpse and has him stuffed. A creature this magnificent should be treated with dignity. Men that pose with carcasses make my stomach turn.


  1. You are so right on. That was exactly my thought when I saw that smiling doofus.

  2. It kind of brings out the worst aspect of man. It's a shame that such a magnificent and rare beast was hit by a truck. I find it amazing that it managed to stay hidden so long. I would say it's obviously a mountain lion, but sort of the Shaq O'Neal of them!

  3. Although I love animals, if this beast ate someone's child, it would be a different story.

    It almost looks like they are both smiling in the picture.

  4. He looks like he is the one that bagged that poor animal! Too bad that cat couldn't jump up one more time!