Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Complete Women's Gifts $32 and Under! (With Quiz to Choose)

(You're going to put her gift in this leopard insulated lunch bag--cool, huh)

I'm a nut about specialized, themed Xmas gifts. I love them, I put them together, I make loved ones smile. There is nothing so cool as getting a gift that immerses one in a theme that they adore or even don't know yet that they do adore.

I put these together from easy to order Amazon including the bag to put them in--complete and total gift for $32 and under.

If you want, you can go to an import store, grocery shop or a Walmart Supercenter and find items to fit these themes. You can also replace the drink with a liqueur or add more items with the theme to go over the top!

You can take any flavor and go crazy. Let's quiz you first to see which theme might suit your gal:

If she loves...

Caffeine & Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and a hot mug in her hands(coffee theme)
Chinese food, sunlight, yoga and flowers (ginger)
Exercise, healthy living, the woods and tea (green tea)
Hot cookies, ice cream, Valentine's Day and Godiva (chocolate)

SOAP ($5.95, Costa Rica Coffee Soap)
DRINK ($9.95 Starbucks Ready Brew Coffee 12 count)
CANDY ($4.37 Kopiko Coffee Candy)
CANDLE ($5.29 Coffee House Candle)
Bag to put gift in (Leopard Insulated Lunch Bag ($6.99)
TOTAL: $32.55

SOAP ($4.95 ginger/orange soap)
DRINK ($6.17 Yogi Ginger Tea)
CANDY ($5.49 Gin Gin's Ginger Candy)
CANDLE ($4.10, green tea and ginger soy candle)
Bag to put gift in ($6.99 Leopard insulated lunch bag)
TOTAL: $27.70

SOAP($6.69 Green Tea Soap)
DRINK ($6.70 100-count organic green tea bags)
CANDY ($7.99 Green Tea Soft Chews)
CANDLE($4.10 Green Tea and Ginger Candle)
Bag to put gift in ($6.99 Leopard insulated lunch bag)
TOTAL: $32.47

SOAP ($7.00, Dark Raw Organic Chocolate soap)
DRINK ($7.75 Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa)
CANDY ($5.45 mini See's candy box)
CANDLE ($3.42 chocolate candle in glass jar)
Bag to put gift in ($6.99 Leopard insulated lunch bag)
TOTAL: $30.61

*Don't worry gals, I have a post going up in a few hours about what to get your man!*