Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Complete Men's Gifts $30 and Under (With Quiz to Choose)

(This is the bag you'll put his gift in. Cool, huh?)

Earlier today, I did a woman's gift themed post and now I'm doing the man's. All of these gifts include the container that the gift will be given in and all the components found on Amazon. Total-including bag $30 or under. You can, of course, take the themes and run wild with them at other stores, but this makes it very easy to just click on the links and order.

Let's figure out what theme might fit your man with this quiz:

My man likes...

Classic rock, action movies, and sports cars (Speed theme)
Outdoors, camping, and Harrison Ford (Adventurer theme)
Godzilla, Star Trek and Science Fiction (Geek theme)
Football, baseball, and barbecue (Jock theme)

DVD ($8.49 "Die Hard")
TOY ($8.75 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits)
TREAT ($1.95 Ass Kickin' Chipotle Popcorn)
CONTAINER TO PUT IT IN ($3.99 sports bag)
TOTAL: $23.18


DVD ($10.99 "Destination Truth Season 1")
TOY ($9.99 thermometer/compass on caribener)
TREAT ($3.99 Wild Boar Jerky)
CONTAINER TO PUT IT IN ($3.99 sports bag)
TOTAL: $28.96

DVD ($4.99 Turner 4-movie 1950s SciFi classics)
TOY ($15.87 Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener)
TREAT ($2.99 Magic potion pop rocks)
CONTAINER TO PUT IT IN ($3.99 sports bag)
TOTAL: $27.84

DVD ($5.75 "Any Given Sunday" with Al Pacino)
TOY ($18.95 mini basketball set for office)
TREAT ($1.79 Mesquite Barbecue Chips)
CONTAINER TO PUT IT IN ($3.99 sports bag)
TOTAL: $30.48


  1. How much do I love you for doing all this work!?! What fantastic ideas!

  2. I'm a themed-gift freak. In fact, the comings days will have themes for all kinds of special interests. It's just too much fun!

  3. can you make one for the nerd/geek... which i would fall way under that...

  4. You might like Sunday's post--gifts for zombie lovers.

  5. I like that the mini basketball set is the most expensive thing on the list! :P

    Which category does rhinestone studded leather thong fit into?

  6. I tried to buy your ebook, but I don't have a kindle. I read the exerpt that it gives you on Amazon and it was really good. You are a great writer!

  7. Doc-you don't need a Kindle. They give you the option of downloading to your PC or IPOD or Droid or whatever.

  8. Okay, I didn't see that option in the drop down. I will go try again then. Thanks!