Blogging Changed My Life!


Find out what happened over the last 3 years of this blogger's life. I went from an insecure and unhappy housewife to a successful single author and built a blog that became well loved and respected. I tell how my life changes occurred because of the confidence I gained from blogging and finding my secret talents. I share how to build your blog, design your blog, and make connections with your online "tribe." I wish this book had been out there when I started blogging, but half the adventure was serendipitously finding out the benefits of blogging.


  1. Would love to order your book in "book" format. I do not do the whole Kindle thing. I am ethically opposed to it as a matter of fact. I like to hold the book I am reading in my hands. Call me old fashioned, but that's just how I like it. I feel the same way about music. Just say NO to digital downloading! Give me a good cd or LP. I have never owned an Ipod in my life and never plan to. My discman still works fine!


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