The Best Post the Readers Ever Wrote!

I haven't done this in a while, but it's a blast. I go through posts and extract random comments written by the readers and share them. When you read these, you begin to realize what a very weird blog this is if these are the comments. Thanks for being so amazingly hilarious! I love y'all!

"You should stuff yourself in the Thanksgiving turkey, then jump out when she's just about to carve."

The one all the way in the back... behind the clown one... what is that a devil?

"Oh no!!! I used to have nightmares of Fweddy the Magic Fwoot, then I became a flutist. Ironic much?"

"big foot got a nice ass."

"That whole cb cactus thing has the makings of a great horror movie. Candycane!!"

"Wish that I could be one of those monkeys!"

"Maybe I should start posting bikini shots? No, that would probably cost me Followers!"

"I think I am going to be sick now."

"I was going to write something witty and groundbreaking but after seeing those photoshopped pics I think I had a seizure."

"well in my head i am there in the pillow fight fantasy."

"Thanks for showing a picture of a douche bag."

"You don't scare me, Pinn-dorkio! I've got a bag of termites with your name on it! (Am I really fighting with a doll?)"

"hahah, I wonder if the nipple clamp shot will get the vid removed from youtube."

"You just posted on my site (for all to see) that you think I'm a douche. Thanks a lot!"

"autumn, i'm mothman, except for the question that asked about how i was in my fam growing up & i had to admit, most mothman, 1 part chupacabra!"

"We had a blue, glass eye cup in the bathroom when I was a tot. I am still positive it is some kind of extradimensional demon-viewing monocular. Either that or a WW2 era torture device. Maybe both."

"I can remember as a kid seeing those things hanging up on the showers. God help me, I can still see that shit in my head ! Why ...why ???????"

"I still think that checking with an expert with puppets is a good idea."

"Haha. I love bread and ham stories!"

"Hmmmm... I get no visits from a sweet voice. Maybe I need drugs."

"You can have the room divider just stay out of my tub!"

"That swinging gate sounded like an ejaculating moose."


  1. those are classic blog-goons comments, some sound like i would say... you got to love the comments, cause you know we all loves you something silly.

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  2. I just love my readers--y'all are so much like me with a wicked sense of humor and total goofiness.

  3. new blogs statrted

  4. "You can have the room divider just stay out of my tub!"

  5. I'm Back!!!!!

    I know I must leave comments like this sometimes... but it's only because I <3 you... something FIERCE!!!!

    I'll write my Wednesday Somethings later on!


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