Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arizona Ghostbusters!

On my recent hobble in the Zombie Walk downtown at Halloween time, I was most impressed with the Arizona Ghostbusters team. I've seen them at other events (hey, I'm in the ghostie industry, of course I've seen them), but at this event, they put on a most intriguing display with their costumes, ambulance and the body bags lined up. It set the mood for the zombie walk!

When the walk began, they turned on their siren lights and started the way down the street with their ambulance. Thousands of zombies began to moan loudly and with the city high rise lights around us, it took on a very surreal atmosphere. These guys seriously know how to party with the zombies!

So, I decided to ask them a bit more about their purpose and found them to be the most kind-hearted and fun-loving guys!

The team was started several years ago by Matt Haynes. They made up costumes, got an ambulance and completely revamped it (named EctoAZ) and showed up as fun figures at charity events.

Everyone loves the Ghostbusters franchise and they add an exciting element to loads of charity events from MS to cancer, food banks to charity walks. At the enormous zombie walk recently, they collected nearly a ton of food for local food banks! They also work to get toys for children in the hospital and at Christmas time and take this messenger of goodwill position to heart.

These charming ambassadors of smiles and hope exemplify the American way of helping others and bringing joy through beloved symbols, like the wonderfully geeky and widely adored Ghostbusters! I can't think of a more feel-good sensation than dressing up as a Ghostbuster, riding in a souped up ambulance, and helping make our community happier, healthier, stronger, and full of hope.

How can you not smile when you see this?

**P.S. Thanks Gnostalgia for the fantastic "Ode to Liz" poem for my zombie housewife character.**


  1. They are really kind and make kids smile (and adults). I love anyone who can be lighthearted and wear a costume even when it's not Halloween.

  2. How fun! I'll have to pass this post along to my Ghostbuster friends. :)

  3. that is the funnest part about costumes there dose not need to be any time or day ya cant wear them

  4. Hey thank you for the very nice write up. Just wanted to say one thing... not a hearse... ambulance. lol


    Hope to see you out at other events!

  5. Duly noted and changed. You guys rock!

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I have a very close friend that is one of those "Ghostbusters" and has been for many years now. They have done so much over the years and I'm sure will for many years to come!