Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Are Baby Dolls So Evil?

What the heck is it about baby dolls that makes people cringe? I know it's human nature to look at something that has a face and categorize it. We see a baby doll, we think baby. What do you think when you think baby? Crying, pooping, delicate if dropped.

Someone gave me a baby doll when I was little and I promptly buried it in our pet cemetery over the septic tank.

It's the pretty and pleasant looking ones that most bother me. They remind me of prissy girls in school who are know-it-all's and told-you-so's. I just want to turn their heads around so they aren't giving me that fake smile all the time!

The really strange thing about baby dolls is that time shows on their features just like on humans. Makes you wonder, huh?

Perhaps this doll below is the best reason to be very wary of baby dolls. The really realistic ones are just freaking sick!


  1. I know Talking Tina's problem... she was set to "Evil" instead of "Good".

  2. Very creepy indeed. That last one gave me chills.

  3. Those Living Baby Dolls... FREAK ME OUT.
    In every sense of the word.

    What's even worse... THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEM.


    October/Halloween is my favorite time of the year, even though I get super scared... I still love it!!!

    Yay for horror movies, and haunted houses, caramel apples, pumpkin picking, and trick or treating.... cemetary walks... and EVERYTHING AWESOME ABOUT THIS SEASON!

  4. That twilight zone episode was so damn creepy...

  5. I love t I have never been affraid of anything so doll dont scared but understand peoples fear,as well as see there point of view

  6. I find them creepy as heck!

  7. This is exactly why in my dream writer's office, there's a wall of baby dolls staring me down, all different degrees of decay and broken and event pristine and perfect. Either way, they're just wrong, wrong, wrong!

  8. Naaa i like ya dream office I kind of have that with joe he look over my shoulder when i write chat ect .. warr309

  9. There was a Friday the 13th Series episode about a doll from the antique shop too! Creep-y!