What You Didn't Know about "Night of the Living Dead"

What I believe to be the best horror movie of all time, has a lot of intriguing facts you might not have known.

It was filmed in the Pittsburgh area.

Evans City Cemetery, Evans City, Pennsylvania
Head northwest on on Franklin Rd for half a mile. Continue onto Pioneer Rd. for 1/5 mile. Turn left on PA-68/W. Main St for almost 3 miles. Turn left on Magill Rd. for 3/4 of a mile to cemetery.

Originally, Barbara survived the night.

The main character was originally written as a big burly truck driver.

"Night of the Anubis" was the original title.

The bodies in the truck were actually ham and chocolate syrup the zombies ate.

The house was slated for demolition, so the owners allowed use of it.

The entrails were supplied by a local butcher.

The man who played the father actually worked in a lot of roles in production of the movie.

On top 10 most profitable films of all times, here's how the movie did on that list:
#9: Budget: $114,000
Box Office Revenue: $30,000,000


  1. Ham and chocolate syrup... Mmmmm! Should I be worried if I think that actually sounds yummy??

  2. I know, I thought it sounded good too, smoky, salty, sweet--perfect mix. We use pork in sweet and sour dishes, so perhaps similar? "How did your human taste?" "Ah, a little like Easter supper ending with an ice cream sundae note."

  3. I saw walking dead and George R hosted the night and was talking about what I thought was his new film....dead something. Me likey chocolate syrup. With ham? not so much.


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