Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Coming Week--Beware!

Besides Dale absolutely losing it, expect Monday-Friday some posts that will unsettle you. This month is all about poking at your fears and the dark places! Here's the coming week. Also, expect me to relaunch my LAUGH series poking fun at paranormal shows.

Monday: Why are Baby Dolls So Evil?
Tuesday: Why Are Mannequins So Scary?
Wednesday: Why Are Clowns So Horrifying?
Thursday: Why are Ventriloquist Dolls so Spooky?
Friday: Why are Scarecrows So Freaky?

There will be plenty of scary pics and vids and ideas to contemplate....


  1. I can't wait til Friday! Dorothy is going to shit her pants.

  2. warr309 Coool I will be waiting with pins and needles btw new post how are you autumn ? enjoying Dales gift ? btw ya sence joe around? probly not anways autumn ya have great day

  3. Great way to get into the Halloween mood.

  4. There seems to be a common 'humanoid' theme underlying all your choices. Hmmm....