Saturday, October 8, 2011

They Don't Tell You, But It's Basically a Seance

When TAPS walks around a building, settles in and asks a ghost to jiggle a loose flashlight connection to turn it on, or rap on the wall, or give them a sign of their presence, it's basically a seance. When you go to a relative's grave and you talk to him about how much you miss him and how you could use his advice, and when we taunt spirits to come and show themselves, these are all basically seances. In all these cases, people are calling upon spirits and asking for interaction.

All of that being said, I hope to experiment more in the field of EVP (electronic voice phenomena). I have found that, in general, visual is a very hard route for evidence gathering, but audio is much more prevalent, although still precious and rare.

Some of the things I hope to learn more about:

Are there any precursors to audio being laid down? In other words, were there any physical reactions by those in the room at the moment an EVP was captured? As a psychic, I know that the mind and body have a certain feeling in them when I get a precious and accurate read. What does the human body do when a voice is being laid down on a recording unit that was not heard by the occupants of a room? The best way to do this would be to have a group synchronize stop watches and click when they felt something and report what that feeling was and see if timing-wise it lines up with the recording response to questions.

Is it necessary to speak out loud when asking questions?
Is it really necessary to create sounds waves by speaking the question out loud, especially when if we are talking about spirit forms, they do not have auditory canals? I'd like to set up an experiment in which for 5 minutes, I think one question repeatedly for one minute at a time, asking 5 questions in my head and see if a response is made and lines up with the question and the minute it was being asked internally.

Is magnetic tape recordable without a device or microphone? Can I, as a psychic, hold the tape during a seance and get an imprinted voice on a never removed from the wrapper magnetic tape? Can I disengage the microphone and still get a recording?

From these sorts of experiments, we can make some assumptions about the way in which spirits communicate and perhaps even why their answers are so fleeting and contact so brief. It's always my hope to learn how they launch into our physical world and manipulate our physicality and to lengthen that encounter and engage in more back and forth to get answers.

Ultimately, the role that PK (psychokinesis) has on EVP is important, as well. Is it at all possible that a person or psychic in a group could be imprinting a word or thought onto the recording device psychically? And, if so, this might explain the brevity of responses because of the burst of energy it would take to project such an imprint. However, recordings have been captured with no humans present, but I do hope to do more experiments such as that with isolation of a device to be certain that what is being captured doesn't need humans either asking questions or being present.

Expect much more on this subject in the future.


  1. vary cool autumn I will await the further articals

  2. I have always thought it would be cool to be able to see one of those. :D

  3. A seance? I've done them quite a few times. Sometimes, depending on the situation, I change up the format a bit. it's not as exciting as people think. I do, however, often get a good vision of the people associated with the building, their personalities, what they felt and thought. I can't tell you that I'm communicating with the dead or reading history. It's exactly like doing a read on an object as far as I'm concerned. I can elicit more and more info from the reading, but I can't tell you the spirit is handing me answers to my probing. Getting them to respond with rapping and voice and such--not so easy.

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  5. awesome topic.

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