Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Terrifying Nightmare

Have you ever had a nightmare that just stuck with you for a long time?

I was up the other night, watching "The Walking Dead" when I was getting ready to go to sleep. I switched the channel and saw a bit of "The Mist." It had me confused before going to sleep and I had a nightmare that was amazingly real....

In the dream, I was in the back seat of a car. The car was full of other people, probably 4 others. Two in the front seat were dead and the ones in the back seat with me were crying out and upset and pounding on the windows and I was telling them to stop doing that. It was over. We were done.

I scrambled through my purse as I began to feel really weird in my head. I grabbed my lipstick, tears streaming down my face, and I tried to will my mind to still work as I wrote backwards on the window, "we used to be normal." I knew it would be my last message. I grabbed a gun from the floor of the car and shot the two people next to me and then turned it on myself as I was turning into a zombie.

I woke up, heart pounding, but I remember that feeling I had inside, that resolve that I knew this was the end of the line, we were bitten and going to change, and all I could think of was to leave a reminder that we were once human and once normal.

What sorts of nightmares have you had that haunted you long after like this one?


  1. I have a reoccurring nightmare of a grizzly bear chasing me. It doesn't matter where I am, he tears it apart and almost gets me. I usually wake up. The bear, King Kong and being in small spaces are usually things in my dreams that scare me the most.

  2. I cant remember the last time I had a nightmare... I dont know if that is a good thing. lol.

  3. I tend to forget my dreams pretty quickly so I'm not sure if I've experienced something similar before.

  4. i have a reoccurring dream that involves grey and brown tinted sand rubbing between two fingers that turns into a dirty ball of twine... it has haunted me since i was very young. if i think about it too much it, i can see it in my head.

  5. I was having reaccuring nightmares recently about a COMPOUND.

    The dreams always had different subjects but always were on this compound that we were living on... very weird...

    in one of them we were being chased, and were hiding in a barn

    in another people were trying to steal Emry so that he could be with his TRUE family...

    Really weird Children of the Corn stuff....