Scariest Places in the World: Kolmanskop

This German ghost town in Namibia was once a rich diamond mining town. It was built up with German style buildings and lots of amenities. The diamonds were exhausted by the 1950s and the town closed in 1954. "Destination Truth" did a wonderful episode on this bizarre abandoned town. No one is allowed there without permit, as it is restricted land.

This site had amazing pics of the place.

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  1. I've actually driven through that town when we were at L├╝deritz but we stayed in Swartkopmund. It's beautiful there.

  2. It is terribly beautiful and sad to look at pictures of. Destination Truth did a very spooky episode there that fascinated me.

  3. Scariest Place Ever:

    Houska Castle... I think it's in the Czech Republic...

    Check it out.

    Scariest Place by me:

    OLMC <--- it's Emry's school. There duplicitous satanists masking as a catholic school.

  4. Kat;
    I get the distinct feeling that if you lived near me or I lived near you, we'd get into lots of mischief.


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