Monday, October 10, 2011

Scariest Places in the World: Chillingham Castle

On the site for the castle, they report this ghostly history:

The Blue boy, poor, wandering, Lady Mary, a tortured child, the Royal procession and so many other famous stories. Chillingham retains them all because the Castle stays calm and unaltered ever since ancient battling days. With all its beauty and calm, Chillingham has many ghosts…. Of course it has. Quite apart from Lady Mary and her friends, the Castle family lived exciting and romantic lives, they served Kings, but then, as William Shakespeare notes, they rebelled, too. With a record eighteen Knights of the Garter, the family also had no less that eight famous, well recorded, executions. Some were hanged, drawn and quartered. While alive, they were cut down from the Gallows, to have their entrails removed. Still living, the failing body was cut into quarters. The head was displayed on city gates, as a warning. Other members of the family, more fortunate, simply had their heads chopped off.

Scariest Places show went there....

Delightfully goofy "Most Haunted" went there, as well....

More Ghosts:Chillingham Castle has a number of ghosts which haunt its vast corridors. The most famous is the Blue Boy who cries and moans in agony or maybe fear at midnight. The moans can be traced to a spot near the passage cut through a ten foot wall. As the screams die away a halo of light can be seen surrounding a four poster bed. Anyone who sleeps there can see the figure of a boy dressed in blue. Other ghosts include Lady Mary Berkeley who has been sighted wandering around looking desolate and broken hearted. She is thought to be searching for her sister, Lady Mary. People have heard the rustle of her dress as she has floated by and others have been lucky (or should I say unlucky) enough to have seen her.

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  1. I rember the Scariest Places episode. I think it would be fun to visit an old haunted castle.

  2. even the name is flipping creepy!! O.o

  3. Wouldn't you love to spend a week writing inside the castle?

  4. Leo, I'd rather spend a week making love in vampire costumes by candlelight with a willing victim, ahem, I mean man, and then rent a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains to write in. Hee hee

  5. I watched some of the Scariest places, but missed that one. Wish I hadn't.