Protect Your Blog--Backup!

I had a horrible scare earlier. I went to my blog and got a message that it had been deleted and was no longer available for use. WTF?

So, after I stopped hyperventilating, I found out a few things I didn't know. You can backup your blog and then if they hose it up by deleting it, you can put it back up again.

Go to Settings and click on export blog. It will download a copy of your entire blog to your computer and then you can put it wherever you want that you will remember it.

I also backup my template so I can keep the same look by going to design and "edit HTML" and copy the HTML code into a word document and save it.

I found a great post about what to do if this happens.

Thankfully, if you use the help button in the upper right, you can leave a question on a forum regarding your problem. They seem to keep it well managed because usually within an hour or two, the problem is fixed.

Blogger has been messing things up lately, but at least we can protect ourselves, just in case. I came pretty darned closed to having a litter of kittens on my carpet when I found my blog gone!


  1. Thanks for putting this up. You're awesome. I hadn't looked into it.

  2. My bloggers are my tribe. Y'all have my back, I have yours.

  3. Thanks for this Autumn! I always keep copies of my individual posts, but I didn't realize that I could back up the entire blog. I feel your pain... my stomach lurched when I started reading your post!!

  4. I am so glad you are up and running again. I am going save my blog on my computer.

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  6. Never considered the prospect of this happening before I read your post. Quickly set about saving everything and can now breath a sigh of relief. Thanks for the tip off :)


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