No "Butterfly Effect" - More Like "Tsunami Effect!"

The convoluted path of my life goes something like this (and a lot like Lucy Ricardo)....

I think to myself, "hey, last year I did an online virtual zombie walk event, so I should do one this year to kick off October."

Then, I think, "we need a logo." So, a fantastic artist whips one up and I make a button and tell people.

Then, over 60 people join the event.

So, I'm thinking, "I should probably have a cool picture of me as a zombie for the event, maybe in an apocalyptic place, like that Slaughterhouse we photographed at."

and I plan a trip to the Slaughterhouse for her to photograph me as a zombie, but then I start thinking, "hey, maybe she should pose too. We could do poses like zombie housewives in a post apocalyptic house."

I stew on that thought for a few days and then think, "Dammit! That should be a book! Something mocking 1950s housewives and their zombie like existence where even a toxic bomb couldn't stop them from coming back as zombies and doing their housework as usual."

So, we find an artist we want to do the cover of the book, we head to the abandoned place, do a photo shoot. Then, we get back and I think to myself, "you know, we should include the gals doing their housekeeping tips and the character Liz, the drunken divorcee, giving drink recipes."

As I see the fantastic posts on the blogger virtual zombie walk, I think, "you know, there's some amazing zombie themed artists out there." So, I decide to feature them in the book, along with references for books and films and zombie goods of all kinds. A sort of zombie reference book.

It seems that the zombie housewives have the potential to become a coined term. Julie and I think, "hey! CafePress shop!" So, Julie and I talk about designs and she works on them so people can enjoy the zombie housewife theme.

Then, I find out there is a real zombie walk downtown at Halloween. I have on my bucket list that I want to do a zombie walk. I think, "hey, it seems like it ties in with the book, huh?" I mention the idea to Julie and she thinks it'd be fun. We plan out our costumes to go to the event.

I tell people we're doing the zombie walk and they're thinking "hey, this'd be fun." Suddenly friends and their families are joining in with us. We take it a step further and decide to ride the light rail into the downtown area in costume and characters.

I sit back right now, a few months into all this craziness and realize I didn't just think shit, I did it. I didn't just do it, I brought others into the whirlpool. A week from now, when the zombie walk is in our past, we will all look back and laugh about the insanity of it and not a one of us would have done it if I didn't decide to that blogger virtual zombie walk.

I have a convoluted path in my life, but I don't do it alone. I surround myself with great people willing to join in. I like to run my blog that way, as well, and my paranormal investigating. No one is leaving this relationship unaffected.

How do you affect your world? Just look at one day's decisions and see how they change your fate and that of others. You'll be surprised how just the simplest thought becomes an action - becomes a result.


  1. I've never been so excited for someone else's accomplishment! I can't wait to buy the book!

    Oh and va-va-va-voom on the new profile pic ;)

  2. Thanks. Tomorrow is the zombie walk and I'm hoping to get hilarious video of us riding the light rail to the downtown area in costume and having supper afterwards in costume. Maybe we should eat like ravenous zombies. haha. The restaurant would clear quickly.

  3. I am looking forward to the zombie walk tomorrow. I like the idea of parking in an outside lot and taking the lightrail into downtown Phoenix as zombies. That would be a riot or could start one, tee hee.

  4. Loved the Zombie Walk and your enthusiasm. I gained followers and began following others as a result of the virtual walk. Many thanks. Will look out for your book.

  5. You are a zombie rockstar! Thank you for all you do!


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